German Reich State Flag 100 x170cm in excellent condition with nice inkstamps. A few small moth nips. Has both rope ends intact. $500.00
Late war SS flag with faint inkstamp of SS BW. Approx 23" x 36" Has some age yellowing stains. overall very good. $600.00
Extremely nice condtion flag of GDAO. Flag is made up of multi piece construction and is duplcated on both sides. Flag measures 36" x 54" . Flag was attached to a pole with thread loops wich were cut on one side to remove. This does not detract and is barely noticeable. Has not be cleaned and has a few dirt marks. Hard to find flag in this condition... $500.00
Large standard flag of NSBO. Flag measure 48" X 58" with district designation in upper left corner. Has reinforcing strip on left side where it was attached to a pole, thread loops have been cut to remove. Has several small moth nips but is in overall nice shape. Multi piece construction. $500.00
Interesting and probably rare vertical banner. Front commeorating the 60th anniversary of the Founders of the Bavarian Military Society of Saarbruken E.V. in the last year of the League of Nations May 5&6 l934. Early Nazi Banner with the reverse stating: The Saar was German, The Saar is German, The Saar will be German. Front has Swastika with heavy bullion fringe. Reverse has German National colors now somewhat faded. Small wood rod and hanging string, bottom has also heavy bullion fringe Unique!!! $375.00
Miniature Army Dagger by Alcoso in excellent condition. Has nice blade with no bad spots and uncracked handle in nice orange color. Scabbar is near perfect with hanging loops. Very nice overall. Measures 9.25" in scabbard. $375.00
RARE SS poletop or possible hood mascot. Measures 4" high (8" on wood stand) Reverse side marked with RZM logo in circle, and also the numeral 5 in a circle. Well constructed of heavy metal and plated . Overall excellent with slight abrasions. Attaches with screw on bottom. Hard to Find item of SS. $500.00
SS I.D. Tag. Made of Brass and seems to have traces of silver plating remaining. Front has eagle and swastika with M9/86 Reverse has Secret Police designation and holder Number. Tag is attached to brass chain and golden locket with two very small photos of ??? Locket has Initials of E L T . Purchased in Europe in l984. Looks good. $500.00