0043 – Rare JG Anschutz 4mm long trainer rifle in excellent condition. Has almost perfect blueing & very good wood with a couple of small repaired dings but overall very good. This is a very rare rifle as production was very low. This rifle also has a very rare trainer sighting device which allowed the instructor to view the sight picture of the trainee > only found in books very hard or impossible to find or duplicate in any condition. Clean 4mm bore

* See John Speed’s “Mauser Smallbore Target & Training Rifles” P182 Fig 435. $2700

133 – Nice MAS 45 assembed from Mauser parts left over after the war. Mauser Banner on reciever & Fab/Mas Mod 45A rarer than MAS 45’s built after the war by French . Super clean bore. Original sling  import marked. $1200

036 – Very nice BSW Mod W 625 B .22 trainer Unusual as it has shooting award plaque on right side of the stock “Klein kaliber Meisler Klasse” dated 1940. The plaque is approx 2.5″ diameter with very good enameling still remaining. Rifle has excellent blue & although the stock has some dings which  have been filled professionally & does not detract from overall condition. Rifle still has instructor’s RARE sighting device which allows him to view trainee’s sight picture.The DSW 625 B were a fairly low production rifles and few exist in this condition. Very rare with shooting award. Bright shiny bore! Original sling $3150

042 – Very Good MAS45 .22 trainer assembled post war in France blueing & wood very good. These are very high quality guns assembled form parts from the Mauser Factory. Bright bore, period sling,some small scratches on metal finish. Overall very good to excellent condition. it is Import marked. Very nice overall $1850