#167-VERY Rare VG-1 by Mauser AC – 45 all original with 90% finish.Has late war type canvas sling marked clg 45. Hard to upgrade VG-1 $10500

#162-Rare Vg-1 AC45″  “g” coded rifle in all original matched condition with late war sling. Very rare as described in D. Weavers book “Desperate Measures” Very few in the collecting world. $12500

#166-ultra rare VG1.5 (Gustloff Volkssturmgewhr) 1945 all original (recent closet find.) Only about 20 others known. Perfect original condition with 3 original mags and 2 boxes of original ammo. These are the “Holy Grail” of Late war Volkssturm weapons. Some have been sold in lesser condition and no extras for over $50K POR

#168-Excellent overall Very Rare Spreeweake VG-2 (Early Mod) all original & working.

These are probably one of the hardest to find late war rifles. See D. Weavers book “Desperate Measures” for a full appreciation. This is an all original rifle with original sling!! Has rare “avx” magazine. Very few in the collecting world. One currently for sale @ $30K POR

#164-Late war BNZ45 with floor plate VK98 (VG-5) in excellent overall condition. Mixed blue & phosphale finish 90% and has leather late war type sling” Unusual 5 stepped barrel very complete & all original. $7500

#141-Rare 1945 Steyr (BNZ45) VK98 all original. Crude and Neat!! $7500