#152 – A very rare 1941 “945” coded  G33/40. These are considered the rarest of the G33/40s with the exception of the folding stock prototype rifle. There are very few know examples of these rifle. The rifles are not serial numbered and were probably assembled in late 1945 from left over parts. Know examples are usually in good condition and this one is no exception. Nice solid wood stock 95% with excellent blue also 90+% Bore perfect This would be hard to upgrade $5000

#022 – A rare matchingVZ-33 carbine adopted by Czechs in 1933 for the rural police (Gendarmerie) Only about 25000 were built at the Bruno factory with mfg ending in 1938. The design was used by the Germans as a basis for the G33/40 Mountain carbine. All matched & in excellent condition stock has some dings but overall very good. Stock disc is marked CETN (police) hard to find a better VZ-33. Excellent bore with period sling. $3950

#081 – Very good plus matching G33/40 from 1940. Overall very good wood with blueing thinning on upper barrel > rest of the rifle very nice. It has a bright bore and repro sling. $3200 

151 – RARE 1941 “945” code G33/40  This rifle is a late war unserialized rifle similar to #152 except the receiver is in a phosphate finish and has later laminated stock. Ha approx 80% blue finish remaining. Stock has some small indentations clear and correct markings Excellent bore with original sling Very few known !! Well described in March 1991 KCN newsletter  $4900      SOLD


110 – Nice G33/40 made in 1941. Has good metal blue thinning. All correct with original sling & sight hood. Bolt not matching to rifle. Still a very good example of an early war G33/40. Nice wood, good bore & strong rifling. $2500

069 – Nice G33/40 1942 by DOT. All matching, bolt un serialed numbered but correct G33/40 bolt. Has correct sight hood & cleaning rod. Wood is very good for this type of rifle. Nice example of the last year of the G33/40. Originals are getting harder to find! Good bore – strong rifling. Repro sling $3200

#12-All original 1940 945 code G-33/40 gun shows overall use with numerous dents & scratches to stock. Has the early 3 piece ? or groove stock seen on earlier G33/40. This rifle has a serial number of 415 and was probably made the first day of production. The KCN (Karabirer Collectors Network showed this to be 2nd lowest number known at that time @ 1996. Has original sling & bright bore. $3200     SOLD