#150 – Scarce  Mauser G41M as manufactured in 1942. This was an early attempt for the Germans to develop a semi automatic rifle. The Mauser design was very complicated and time consuming to build and lost out to the Walther G41W design. This was only produced for a couple of years before the German Armaments switched over to the less complicated Walther G41 and later G43 systems. approx 13000 were manufactured. Has all matching numbers on all visible parts. Still retains 75% + finish on blued parts. The stock and handguard are both very fine condition with minor handling marks and scratches overall. Has clear visible proofs on the wood. These rifles are seldom found on the collector market today !!  $16000

#114 – All matched G41W dated ac1943 Rare in this condition nice wood with most blueing approx 90% remaining. Rifle has ZF41 scope & a G41 type mount. Mounts are very rare (possible repro no markings?) ZF41 scope (CXN – Busch) very clear overall hard to improve upon! Scope also has sunshades and metal case for the G41 mount. Also has Blank firing muzzle cone.  Rare rifle in any condition. $9500