#162 – VERY Rare VG-1 by Mauser AC – 45 all original with 90% finish.Has late war type canvas sling marked clg 45. Hard to upgrade VG-1 $10500

#119 – Late war Dou 45 in good condition stock has numerous dings & scratches & may have been refinished (?) Blueing is still overall above 80%. Has original sling. Good example of a late war K-98 higher serial numbered guns issued as Kriegsmodels. Serial #’s on receiver & bolt >good bore with period sling. $2450       SOLD


#107 – Excellent late war Dou45 in near new condition all matched with excellent bore & wood. Hard to upgrade near Kreigs model configuration. No take down disc  drilled buttplate, no cleaning rod. Winter trigger guard. Serial #’s on receiver & bolt.>approx 98% finish $3500

#136-Rare last ditch K98 Bnz 45 Phosphate finish is almost 100% . Gun in last “T” block serialization > “end of the line”. All correct. Serial #’s on receiver and bolt. Has full kreigsmodel stock no take down disc and no cleaning rod. Has correct byf floorplate. Overall excellent with repro sling Hard to upgrade SOLD


#164–Late war BNZ45 with floor plate VK98 (VG-5) in excellent overall condition. Mixed blue & phosphale finish 90% and has leather late war type sling” Unusual 5 stepped barrel very complete & all original. $7500

#141-Rare 1945 Steyr (BNZ45) VK98 (VG-5) rifle all original. Has late war leather sling. Crude and Neat!! $7500

#166-Ultra rare VG1.5 (Gustloff Volkssturmgewhr) 1945 all original (recent vet closet find.) Only about 20 others known and many of those are not in original configuration !. Perfect original condition with 3 original mags and 2 boxes of original ammo. These are the “Holy Grail” of Late war Volkssturm weapons. Some have been sold in lesser condition and no extras for over $50K POR

#167-Rare Vg-1 AC45″  “g” coded rifle in all original matched condition with late war sling. Very rare as described in D. Weavers book “Desperate Measures” Very few in the collecting world. $12500

#168-Excellent overall Very Rare Spreeweake VG-2 (Early Mod) all original & working.

These are probably one of the hardest to find late war rifles. See D. Weavers book “Desperate Measures” for a full appreciation. This is an all original matched rifle with original sling!! Has rare “avx” magazine. Very few in the collecting world. One currently for sale @ $30K POR

#170-Very Clean 1945 SWP K-98 Code change from 1944 DOT. This is a semi Kregsmodel with barrel brads still held by spring. Later variants had full Kreigsmodell features. Excellent wood and metal and is a textbook rifle as described in Latewar.com website. Bore is 9/10 bright and shiny !!  Would be hard to upgrade. $3400

##171- Late war K98 ByF 45 by (Mauser Orbendorf ) Full Kreigsmodell configuration > no disc or band spring. All parts are correctly stamped and matching as per Latewar.com. Wood is excellent with nice Eagle 135 on stock. Very nice Late war configured K98 Kreigsmodell $3200171-

#169-RARE Late war Svw45MB K98 Last code used by Mauser Orbendorf in1945. All original laminated stock still retaining the bayonet lug and spring band with no takedown disc. This Semi Kreigsmodell is in the low “C” range with all the German Firing proofs and correct markings for “B” and Low “C” range rifles. Has no features or markings of a French assembled rifle. German assembled Svw45MB’s are considered very rare as most were assembled post war by the French. Rifle has excellent bore and very good wood with original sling. Mixture of phosphate and blued parts as per description in Latewar.com. Probably one of the hardest late war k98’s to obtain $3800